Food, Fitness & Pharma - a research initiative at University of Copenhagen – University of Copenhagen

UNIK - Food, Fitness & Pharma is an interdisciplinary research initiative at University of Copenhagen, which aims to understand, prevent and treat lifestyle diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Food, Gut Hormones and Pharma

- Mapping of the ‘hormone cocktail’ responsible for the fast ‘cure’ of type 2 diabetes and the sustained weight loss following gastric bypass surgery. Can this be induced by food or mimicked by a drug?

Social Sciences and Humanities

- Why do we stick to ‘unhealthy habits’? And which changes in the environment will make our society healthier?

Fitness and Muscles

 - Why is fitness healthy – and much more than ‘burning off calories’? And how much is enough?

Genetics and Epidemiology

- How does our genetic background, the ‘cards that we have on our hands’, make us particular susceptible to particular aspects of lifestyle (fat, sugar, inactivity etc.)