UNIK - Food, Fitness & Pharma is an interdisciplinary research initiative at University of Copenhagen, which aims to understand, prevent and treat lifestyle diseases like obesity and type 2-diabetes. The initiative ran from 2009 to 2014, and ended in September 2014. On the webpage you can find information on the research conducted within the four research themes, significant research results, list of publications and PhD’s. At the end of the funding period the UNIK initiatives was evaluated by the Scientific Expert Panel and their concluding remarks is presented in the concluding evaluation report. Successful elements of the UNIK FFP have been embedded in the strategic platform for lifestyle, obesity and metabolic research (UCPH LOM). For any enquiries regarding the UNIK FFP or the strategic platform kindly contact the UCPH LOM management unit.

Food, Gut Hormones and Pharma

- Mapping of the ‘hormone cocktail’ responsible for the fast ‘cure’ of type 2 diabetes and the sustained weight loss following gastric bypass surgery. Can this be induced by food or mimicked by a drug?

Social Sciences and Humanities

- Why do we stick to ‘unhealthy habits’? And which changes in the environment will make our society healthier?

Fitness and Muscles

 - Why is fitness healthy – and much more than ‘burning off calories’? And how much is enough?

Genetics and Epidemiology

- How does our genetic background, the ‘cards that we have on our hands’, make us particular susceptible to particular aspects of lifestyle (fat, sugar, inactivity etc.)