Social Sciences and Humanities workshop – University of Copenhagen

Workshop on Social Sciences and Humanities contributing towards tackling the Obesity Epidemic - Challenges & Potentials in Obesity research towards Horizon 2020

Around 50 scientists from strong research environments all over Europe in multiple SSH disciplines was gathered at the workshop Social Sciences and Humanities in Brussels on the 9th-10th of January 2013.

Purpose of the workshop

The workshop gathered more than 50 researchers and stakeholders involved in obesity research in Europe. The aim was to discuss potentials and challenges in prevention and treatment of obesity and lifestyle diseases across Europe.

Concept and objectives of the group sessions at the workshop

The main session at the workshop was a group session discussing seven different themes all related to different challenges of the obesity epidemic.

Concrete outcomes of the workshop

Several publications have come out of the workshop dealing with obesity and lifestyle and how interdisciplinary research can address challenges, potentials and treatments.