Research in UNIK - Food, Fitness & Pharma

Through the research the aim is to identify and understand the interrelated environmental, genetic and epigenetic causes of obesity, diabetes and associated lifestyle diseases.

This aim is pursued through cross-disciplinary research bringing together world class scientific competences within the below themes.

Please visit the individual research themes (listed below) to learn more about the sub-projects and to view the list of publications from each of these.

Gastro-intestinal theme
Gastro intestinal signals are studied to improve understanding of the complex effect and mechanisms of various foods, gut microbiota and gastric bypass operations in prevention and treatment of obesity and type-2 diabetes.

Fitness and Muscle theme
Physical activity is studied incl. cellular and molecular mechanisms behind the many beneficial effects of physical activity, the effect of inactivity and dose-response effects of exercise.

Social Sciences and Humanities
This area is addressing why people act and choose as they do and which interventions are effective. The research can contribute to development of new platforms for optimizing public and private regulations taking ethical issues into account.

Genetic Epidemiology
Interactions between genes and environment are studied in human cohorts and in animal models. This information will have impact on the basis for understanding and ultimately reducing the development of the obesity epidemic.