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Projects within Social Sciences and Humanities

In society and the social setting, it is known that most strategies employed to make people change behaviour have little or no impact. We need to known more about why people act and choose as they do and which interventions are effectfull.

Expected outcome of the research is development of new platforms for optimizing public and private regulations taking ethical issues into account, novel knowledge on factors influencing everyday lifestyle and health-related habits and exploration of the effect of social, psychological and societal methods and tools for reducing overweight.

The research will have impact by offering new preventive measures for the individual and society that are socially and ethically robust and could lead to new social psychological tools for a more effective, diverse and personalised approach in addressing overweight relevant for both the private and public sector.

The list of publications was last updated in June 2015, and only include publications accepted before that date.

No.  UNIK Project title and overall aim  Involved research partners 

Social Sciences and Humanities 


Eating practices: Social and cultural aspects of hunger and satiety:
Overall aim: Conceptions, understandings and everyday practices with respect to bodily signals and sensations related to appetite, hunger, satiety, and eating are analysed in different population groups, defined according to social background and physiological parameters.

Lotte Holm, Professor
Gertrud Pfister, Professor
Laila Ottesen, Associate Professor
Thorkild I.A. Sørensen, Professor
Sten Madsbad, Professor

Publications for project 22:

 PhD's for project 22:


Changing discourses and strategies in the fight against life-style related diseases:
Overall aim: The project will analyse and discuss how the notion of life-style related diseases has developed historically and how it links to strategies to prevent and cure such diseases in order to identify ethical, social and health political dilemmas underlying contemporary attempts to fight life-style diseases. The project will provide a research based input to the public debate and on how to develop preventive health strategies that are efficient, medically responsible, increase equity and respect towards the autonomy of citizens, and thus qualify the basis for future decisions about policies and technologies.

Jesper Lassen, Associate Professor
Peter Sandøe, Professor
Lene Koch, Associate Professor
Signild Vallgårda, Professor

Publications for project 23:



(Un)healthy bodies – health discourses and physical (in)activity among Danish adults: 
Overall aim: Activity patterns in different population groups are identified and analysed in relation to different understandings of health discourses, different sport experiences and attitudes towards physical activity as well as eating practices. 

Gertrud Pfister, Professor
Laila Ottesen, Associate Professor
Lotte Holm, Professor
Thorkild I.A. Sørensen, Professor 

Publications for project 24:

  • Are young people caught in the time bind? A sociological analysis of how young people in an upper secondary school view the issue of finding time to do sports or exercise in their spare time. Friis Thing L, Frydendal Nielsen S & Ottesen L, Annals of Leisure Research2014
  • Young people's perspectives on health, risks and physical activity in a Danish secondary school. Friis Thing L & Ottesen L. Health, Risk & Society, 2013
  • Ida spielt ihr eigenes Spiel - "doing gender" im Sportunterricht', Pfister G, With-Nielsen N. Spectrum der Sportwissenschaften, 2010
  • Unges syn på idræt, bevægelse og sundhed i gymnasieskolen. En kvantitativ undersøgelse af Rysensteen Gymnasium. Nielsen SF Brandt-Hansen M, Nielsen G, Ottesen L og Thing LF. Københavns Universitet, 2011.
  • Åbne fodboldbaner i dagtimerne. Igangsættelse af motionstiltag for inaktive grupper: Hvidbog om sundhedsfremme i kommunalt regi, Krustrup BR Nielsen SF & Ottesen L. Københavns Universitet, 2011.
  • The development of social capital through soccer and running: The experience of a 16 weeks intervention programme for inactive, inexperienced women. Ottesen L, Jeppesen R and Krustrup B. Scand J Med Sci Sports, 2010

 PhD's for project 24:


Public and market regulation in the fight against life-style diseases – Opportunities and barriers:
Overall aim: The effect of various regulatory measures on the implementation of public health policies related to life-style diseases are analysed and it is assessed how regulatory measures can best be used to support such public health policies. 

Karsten Ronit, Associate Professor
Mette Hartlev, Professor
Jørgen Dejgård Jensen, Senior Researcher 

Publications for project 25:


Social-Psychological Interventions and Experiments for Effective Life Style Changes:
Overall aim: The effectiveness of social-psychological intervention methods for life style changes is evaluated through randomised clinical trials testing rival and/or combined hypotheses concerning the merit of biological and social interventions. 

Niels Viggo Hansen, Assistant Professor
Bo Jacobsen, Professor
Thomas Mandrup-Poulsen, Professor
Bente Klarlund Pedersen, Professor 
Lars O. Dragsted, Professor
Sten Madsbad, Professor 
Lotte Holm, Professor
Jesper Lassen, Associate Professor 

Publications for project 26